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Inner Peace - 90 v-capsules

Inner Peace - 90 v-capsules

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5 Stars
Inner Peace
I already have been sleeping so much better. I take the capsule in the AM so Im not sure if it has anything to do with it. I also have more energy. I have only been taking one capsule for one week. I love it.
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 7/18/2017
5 Stars
Inner Peace and Tian Chi
I started taking Inner Peace to help me recover from a very challenging training program. I felt like at 50 I just couldn't recover from difficult workouts and then slept terrible after long active days. I am now sleeping much better on the long hard days and feel like my body is recovering like it did when I was a college athlete. In addition, I have been taking TianChi for years and it's a great product. Co-workers many times wonder how I have such a good memory, I attribute it to TianChi. Amazing results! Thank you Roger and Herbworks Team!
Reviewed by:  from Green Bay. on 7/7/2017
5 Stars
Well Rested
I have been taking TianChi and Inner Peace for several years and although I am now retired with a limited income, these are two purchases that I cannot go without. I now take 2 capsule first thing in the morning, in combination with TianChi. I then take 1 capsule in the evening before I go to sleep. My sleep is deep and I wake up well rested.
Reviewed by:  from San Mateo, CA. on 5/16/2017
5 Stars
Love Inner Peace !
I love inner peace and never want to be without it. The same for Tianchi
Reviewed by:  from Tacoma Wa. on 4/11/2017
5 Stars
Surprising Results !!!
I originally wanted to find a product which would help give me clear and focused energy without feeling like a coffee style hit. I wanted a solution which addressed my possible health related challenges derived from high head impact sport and coeliac condition. When I listened to Roger, I felt like he touched on a lot of the possible brain malnutrition, inflammation, nervous system responses which perhaps were not working optimally for me. His TianChi and Inner Peace have had an amazing impact on me! I mention both in this review because I think taking Inner Peace is important if you take TianChi as well. The first night I used 3 capsules of Inner Peace and was within minutes feeling joyful and happy and relaxed! I have since moved down to either using 0 or 1 tablet/s a night. Sometimes I use 2 and rarely 3. It depends on how I feel. Last night after surfing 4 times this weekend! (This wouldn't have happened without TianChi. I just feel like I have more energy) I was very tired and only had 1 capsule. The surprising thing is, that apart from having very restful sleeps and feeling like my body clock is now following a healthy sleep/waking cycle. I wake up feeling... well awake:)! I also have been having extremely vivid and surreal dreams! It's actually great fun going to bed now, which makes me want to get an earlier nights sleep and then wake up early the next day. So super impressed with Inner Peace. If you feel in any way out of wack or less then optimal, give it a try. By itself (without TianChi) it would be very relaxing, especially if you are highly strung or unable to unwind, but in my case, the TianChi is too much of a benefit to improving my productivity and enjoyment during my waking hours to go without. Hope this helps someone out there :)
Reviewed by:  from Sydney, Australia . on 3/26/2017
5 Stars
I have a fairly fast paced time crunched life during the week that seems to produce more stress than I can effectively manage, now I take 2 Inner Peace before breakfast during the week and 3 every night a few hours before bed. Inner Peace is now one of my recurring foundational supplements due to its effectiveness and impact on my quality of life. It is also worth mentioning that the staff provides excellent customer service, I have even reached out with questions and requests to be interviewed on podcast which was met with appreciation and a level of involvement that is not typical in a society that is so narrowly focused on making money. I highly recommend both TianChi and Inner Peace on this site.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 2/14/2017

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